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Hi all! Welcome to my personal website where I keep notes for my own reference and log previous notable works.

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Here are some of my backgrounds.

  • I study computer engineering at UIUC in Chambana, IL.
  • I'm currently interning at Rivian (-0----0-) as part of the electrical hardware team, working on special projects.
  • I'm also an undergraduate course assistant for ECE 385, an introductory course for digital systems design and verification using FPGA.
  • I'm very interested in digital systems design and computer architecture.

Representative works are (or will be) highlighted.

💽 391OS: Fully functioning Unix-style Operating System
project Github

Developed a Unix like operating system as a team of four. The OS supports scheduling, filesystem, hardware interrupts, system calls, and more. Part of ECE 391: Computer Systems Engineering course. Won 4th place in ECE 391 OS design competition.

🃏 Card Connect: Virtual Tarot Card Interpreter
project Github

Tarot reading machine that uses ultrasonic sensors to track landmark's location for drawing cards, ASR and TTS as user I/O, and OpenAI's GPT3 API as well as Tarot card API to generate response. Won best overall award in 2023 Pulse Hardware competition.

🛰️ StarCraft Dogfight: SoC approach on top-down shooter game using FPGA
project Github / Project overview

Top-down multiplayer shooter game with rich animation on DE-10 Lite FPGA board using SystemVerilog and NIOS II SoC IP. Users are able to play the game through any VGA monitor with keyboard inputs. This final project was developed as part of ECE 385: Digial Systems Laboratory. Currently a undergraduate course assistant for the course.

💾 CHIP-8 ASM Interpreter/C++ model
project Github

Soft model of the CHIP-8 processor. Emulation backend done in C++ frontend done by SDL2 graphics library. Project based on Austin Morlan's CHIP-8 emulator. Fixed the original project's bug on incorrect initialization of function table.

👾 Zerg-Rush

CLI-based TCP network penttesting tool with Python to conduct cybersecurity attacks (e.g. SYN/ACK) on industrial control system (ICS) units used in railroads and power grids. Developed during my time as a undergraduate research assistant at Prof. Kirill Levchenko's laboratory


Below are compilation of notes for myself (or some others too)

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